The New Web Site Is Here! The New Web Site Is Here!


We're somebody now!  We're in print!  Don't get the reference?  It's from the early Steve Martin movie The Jerk.  Not my one of my favorites of his work (I much prefer Roxanne), but I always enjoy that scene.


Anyway, we have a new web site.  Or an update web site.  I completed the makeover in just about two full days.  And by full days I did little else, got less than optimal sleep, and spent way too much time in my office chair.  And to paraphrase Airplane, I picked the wrong week to give up Diet Coke (my caffeine delivery system of choice.  Its was Coke Zero, but the folks at the Coca Cola went and New Coke'd that all up @#%$*)

I hope you like the results.  The new site is much easier to navigate and is mobile friendly.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.  We've already got plans to add player and audience volunteer pics over the next week.  And I've got this crazy plan to update this blog daily.  Hopefully most of my entries will be coherent, relate to improv, or at least be more interesting than this one.