Be Our Guest

We love hosting guest improv performers.  Guests are not only fun, but also provide excellent learning opportunities.  It is valuable to see how other people perform improv in terms of Art – their unique style for creating and expressing ideas – and in terms of Craft – how do they utilize specific skills like space work, character voices, etc.

There are many sources for guests.  If your part of CSz, you can start by inviting players from other cities.  Many cities are now making it easy by hosting special events throughout the years, e.g., invitationals that mix players from different cities onto special teams.  Invite performers from other improv groups within your city and other cities, particularly if you’re having a special event (please be sure to give them good time slots!).  There are plenty of ways through social media and podcasts to make contact with other groups and performers.



Sometimes you get lucky, and a guest performer contacts you.  This Saturday we’re happy to welcome back David Magidoff, an LA based actor, improviser, and comedian.  David contacted us out of the blue last year, and we had a great time (he was hilarious and very gracious).  So I was happy to hear from him again this Holiday Season.  If you’re a Marshmallow, i.e., dedicated fan of Veronica Mars, you’ll recognize David from his fun portrayal of would be Veronica foil Jeff Ratner.  David has also been a regular on two MTV shows, Joking Off and the Broke A$$ Game Show, as well as a guest actor on CSI, NCIS, and other TV shows. He performs improv all around the world including UCB, iOWest & the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.  David founded Monkey Butler - an international comedy school that has taught free improv classes to over 3,000 people in the US, England and New Zealand.

So if you’re reading this entry and want to guest perform at CSz Sacramento in the coming year, let us know!