This special Applied Improvisation workshop will help you become a better public speaker. Includes exercises to improve key skills including:

  • Focus. Stay on topic and plan despite distractions and questions.

  • Presence. Make sure your message is received by everyone in the audience.

  • Vocal Control. It’s not just about volume…

  • Body Language. How to use gestures and movement to add impact to your presentation.

  • Spontaneity. Handle those unexpected moments with ease.

July 23, 6-9 PM at CSz Sacramento. $39. Limited to 10 attendees.

Taught by Chris Crotty, GM/Artistic Director of CSz Sacramento. With almost 20 years of improv teaching experience, Chris is an expert at designing and teaching Applied Improvisation (AI) workshops for non-performance with companies (Amazon, Apple, Deloitte, Intel, Kaiser, VSP, others), schools, churches, government agencies, and other groups. He is also an expert public speaker most notably as a former Technology Market Analyst who spoke at international trade shows, at industry events, on expert panels, and on television. In addition to his 25 years of improv experience, Chris holds a BS from Cornell and an MBA from Duke.