Just Two Chances To Catch This Special Show!

The Set delivers the laughs with live and video sketch comedy.  Written and performed by top Sacramento talent.

  • A day care that has a “unique” vision of what’s important in child care.
  • What happens when an Uber driver tries to save Easter.
  • Can a Ouija Board help to prevent a murder?
  • What happens when superhero’s find out each other’s alter egos.
  • Chubby Checker’s return to the world of commercial jingles!  A sequel to The Set's infamous first Chubby Checker sketch.
  • And more!

Directed by Jenni Faller.

Ages 13+
3/30 @ 8 PM - Online tickets $12 Adult, $10 Std/Sr/Mil; $2 more at the door.
3/31 @ 10 PM - $8 General Admission or FREE with the 8 PM ComedySportz match.